Increased ambition and faster implementation on climate must be a policy priority


Reacting to the publication of the IPCC’s sixth assessment report, Nick Molho, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, said: “Today’s report provides an unequivocal message to all governments – set higher ambitions and act faster, or risk losing it all. It is a stark reminder of the need to set out comprehensive and ambitious delivery plans to meet net zero by 2050. To realise these ambitions and harness the potential of the private sector, it is essential that governments set out policy pathways which provide clarity and certainty for business.”

Nick Molho added: “The UK Government has a unique opportunity coming up in the next couple of weeks, to set out a full and detailed response to the independent net zero review, publish an update to the Green Finance Strategy and provide further clarity on issues which hold back further decarbonisation. These include changes to the planning system, policy decisions for the built environment and heavy industry, clarity on land use and measures to decarbonise the electricity system. Urgently implementing ambitious policy measures in these areas is critical to both meet the challenge presented by climate change and set the UK economy on a sustainable trajectory for the future.”