Aldersgate Group reacts to the removal of the sunset clause from the Retained EU Law Bill


Signe Norberg, Head of Public Affairs and Communications at the Aldersgate Group, said: “It is welcome news that the Government has agreed to remove the sunset clause from the face of the Retained EU Law Bill. However, the new regulatory reform announced by Government today must focus on ensuring the UK has the necessary regulation in place to meet our climate and environmental goals. Ambitious, well-designed and properly enforced environmental regulations have driven innovation, private investment and job creation in environmental goods and services – with around half a million jobs having already been created across the UK’s low carbon economy. Businesses recognise this and welcome the clarity and level playing field that smart regulation can deliver for them.

“To maximise these benefits and remain on track for the UK’s climate and environmental targets, the regulatory initiative must be targeted, evidence based, and subject to adequate parliamentary scrutiny. Future governments will require flexibility to introduce necessary legislation to meet the UK’s long-term climate and environmental targets.”