Aldersgate Group reaction: Labour wins the 2024 election


Reacting to the result of the General Election, Rachel Solomon Williams, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group, said: “With this result, the public has recognised the economic and social benefits that a strong climate and environmental policy programme can deliver for the country. Business leaders, too, have been consistent in calling for a credible plan to deliver emissions reductions and protect nature: they know that this will be vital to place the UK economy on a strong footing for the future, and address the chronic levels of underinvestment that we’ve endured in recent years. They will be looking for the policy signals they need from the new government to drive the investment that can boost prosperity.

Rachel added: Now focus must turn to delivery. To meet the ambitious goals that it has set out, and with a clear electoral mandate in support of driving green growth, Sir Keir Starmer’s government must swiftly outline the details of its policy programme and get to work ensuring they are implemented at pace. Businesses and investors are ready and waiting to play their part, but stability and clarity will be critical to enable them to do so. Urgent progress is needed to decarbonise the economy, from power and industry to electric vehicles, while ensuring the UK is a global hub for green finance. We also need to see rapid action to support the restoration of nature. The UK has fallen behind international competition in the race to secure green investment – it is now imperative that the new government acts with urgency to address this and put the economy on a strong footing for the future.