UK policy must be a race to the top on climate


Responding to the Labour Party’s announcement regarding the Green Prosperity Plan, Rachel Solomon Williams, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group, said: “It is crucial that whoever forms the next government offers stability and certainty for businesses, as part of a clear vision for a thriving low-carbon economy. Targeted public investment into key sectors is essential to achieve this, crowding in private sector capital, supporting decarbonisation, and growing the economy. The UK is now in a highly competitive global race to secure investment in new and developing industries, and already we are seeing this drain away to the United States, EU and China.

Businesses in the UK are on board with the net zero transition. They recognise that it is the greatest opportunity to drive growth in the UK, as well as being necessary environmentally, and have already started reflecting this in their own plans and operations. This election should be a race to the top in terms of policy ambition, as part of a positive vision that drives growth, productivity and prosperity across the whole of the UK.”