Seize the moment: building a thriving, inclusive and resilient economy in the aftermath of COVID-19

The benefits of putting an ambitious environmental and climate agenda at the core of an economic recovery plan

The recovery from the COVID-19 crisis offers a historical opportunity to address key public interest concerns and accelerate the transition to a low carbon and environmentally resilient economy. Putting the UK on track for net zero emissions by 2050 and investing in the natural environment offer both short-term benefits in terms of increased economic activity, job creation and tackling regional inequalities, and long-term benefits such as increased competitiveness, greater physical resilience and reduced likelihood of severe environmental shocks, as well as a more stable financial system.

An ambitious environmental and climate agenda can also deliver critical and much needed public goods ranging from clean air to better health. Using this very challenging but unique time to support and influence a shift to low carbon business models and to grow the cornerstone sectors of a net zero emissions economy will be key to ensure that the UK economy emerges from this crisis more competitive, inclusive and resilient.