Energy Security Bill is a good step forward but some important gaps remain


Reacting to the publication today of the Energy Security Bill, Nick Molho, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, said: “We welcome the development of clear business models for key low carbon technologies and fuels, such as hydrogen and carbon capture and storage, both of which have an essential role to play in supporting the decarbonisation of heavy industrial sectors such as steel and cement. The focus on accelerating the development of low carbon heat – and in particular heat pumps – is essential if the UK is to remove all avoidable emissions from the built environment by 2035, however it must be accompanied by clear regulatory standards and incentives to improve energy efficiency in homes and buildings, both of which are still lacking. The renewed commitment and focus on delivering the 50GW target of offshore wind capacity by 2030 is also positive, as clean electricity will be vital to decarbonise sectors such as buildings, transport and heavy industry. However, the UK’s offshore wind ambitions must go hand in hand with providing greater predictability and efficiency in the planning process to ensure the underlying grid capacity is in place to support the achievement of this target.”