Detailed Net Zero Strategy must be published ahead of COP26


Reacting to today’s Progress Reports from the Climate Change Committee [1], Nick Molho, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group said: “The only way the UK can credibly protect its economy from climate risks and get on track for achieving net zero emissions is by making climate change a top priority for all government departments and supporting this with detailed and timely policy plans. Today’s Progress Reports from the Climate Change Committee show that this is clearly not the case at present.

“This parliamentary term is critical for meeting the UK’s climate and adaptation targets and doing so in a way that delivers supply chain growth and job creation across the country. The extent to which the UK can minimise the costs and maximise the economic opportunities from the net zero transition and adapting to climate change will ultimately depend on the policy decisions that the Government makes in the years to come.”

Nick Molho added: “Whilst some welcome progress has been made in cutting emissions in the power sector, our extensive engagement with businesses show that there is a critical lack of policy measures to drive low carbon investment in buildings, transport, agriculture and heavy industry. The Government can answer these concerns by publishing a detailed and cross-sectoral Net Zero Strategy ahead of COP26 and carefully co-ordinating this Strategy with the funding plan to be published by the Treasury as part of its Net Zero Review. [2]”

[1] The Climate Change Committee’s Progress Reports on climate change mitigation and adaption will be published at 00.01 on Thursday 24 June.

[2] As part of a major project with Frontier Economics and University College London, the Aldersgate Group will be publishing detailed reports in early September, setting out key policy decisions to successfully decarbonise UK heavy industry and maximise economic opportunities in the process.