Climate Change Committee report on the outcomes of COP26: reactive statement


Reacting to the publication of the Climate Change Committee’s report on the key outcomes and next steps from COP26, Nick Molho, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group, said: “The Committee on Climate Change is right to argue that the best way for the UK to honour the Glasgow Climate Pact is to crack on with developing the policies and tax reforms needed to achieve its NDC and net zero target. The UK has set an ambitious national emission reduction pledge and comprehensive net zero strategy but the business community now needs to see more detailed policy measures being implemented in areas such as buildings, power, heavy industrial decarbonisation and land use to put the UK on a credible and timely pathway to meet its NDC and net zero target. [1] Implementing the UK’s Net Zero Strategy in earnest must now become a cross-government priority.”

Nick Molho added: “With the UK holding the COP Presidency for another year, it is also vital that the UK continues working with world leaders to significantly increase national emission reduction pledges in 2022 in line with a 1.5 degrees pathway, by providing clearer commitments on full coal phase out and end of fossil fuel subsidies and reaching a solution to deliver the minimum $100bn of climate finance pledged to developing countries.” [2]


[1] The Aldersgate Group published its assessment of the UK’s Net Zero Strategy in October 2021:

[2] On 13 November 2021 the Aldersgate Group issued a reactive press release responding to the outcomes of COP26 – calling on world leaders to accelerate momentum on climate action: