Aldersgate Group welcomes Scottish Government’s new proposals on clean heating


Responding to the Scottish Government’s announcement on energy efficiency, Rachel Solomon Williams, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, said: “We welcome the public consultation the Scottish Government has opened to consider its approach to energy efficiency and energy demand reduction. Households and businesses should benefit from the greater clarity provided on the proposed policies. Given the level of ambition, we are pleased to see the Scottish Government’s plans for extensive public and business engagement during the consultation process. This will be vital in ensuring that, if taken forward, the policy implementation minimises immediate costs on homeowners (or includes targeted fiscal incentives as necessary) and that the supply chain is able to match demand. Overall, the related investment would have multiple benefits, with the Construction Leadership Council estimating that upgrading the UK’s housing stock could sustain 500,000 direct jobs, with £2 put back into the economy for every £1 invested.” [1]