Aldersgate Group Manifesto: Priorities for the next parliament

We are prioritising six areas for progress in the next parliament and each area is informed by targeted policies that support the goal

  1. Accelerating the move to a competitive low carbon economy
  2. Prioritising energy and resource efficiency
  3. Meeting the UK’s education and skills challenge
  4. Increasing financial flows towards a sustainable economy
  5. Enhancing the UK’s natural capital
  6. Protecting the European contribution to our environmental and social standards

Aldersgate Group members believe that the environmental and economic implications of the resilient, low carbon, resource efficient agenda must be clearly understood by the next government. Their importance will be championed by the progressive business voice. The prize is a new, clean industrial revolution for the UK that could increase UK GDP in net terms, result in higher average household income and higher net employment[2].

If we can make a decisive move towards a resource efficient and low carbon future, the UK will be stronger, more prosperous and more resilient.[3] In other words, the UK will be future ready.

[2]Cambridge Econometrics (September 2014) The Economics of Climate Change Policy in the UK
[3] Aldersgate Group (May 2014) An Economy That Works