The yin and yang of electrification

Ian Ellison

Ian Ellison, Sustainability Manager at Jaguar Land Rover, reviews JLR's electrification strategy and the challenges and opportunities of the transition to electric vehicles. 

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Posted by Ian Ellison on 27th September 2017

Why heat pumps should replace gas boilers in commercial buildings

Andy Marsh-Patrick

Using heat pumps rather than gas boilers for heating and cooling can cut commercial building ventilation costs by 25% and provides a golden opportunity to improve city air quality, says Andrew Marsh-Patrick, Associate Director at WSP.

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Posted by Andrew Marsh-Patrick on 25th September 2017

Think of sustainable practice as a business utility

Nigel Stansfield

Nigel Stansfield, President of Interface EMEA, reviews the sustainable business practices of Interface and urges a shift in business mindset to work towards a 'climate fit for life'. 

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Posted by Nigel Stansfield on 21st September 2017

The low carbon economy is taking off


Recent developments in the offshore wind and car manufacturing industries show that the low carbon economy is well and truly taking off, argues Nick Molho, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group.

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Posted by Nick Molho on 19th September 2017
First published in: The Economist

Electric fleets: No longer if, but when and how?

Ian Featherstone EST

Ian Featherstone, Fleet Advice Manager, at the Energy Saving Trust reviews his work with companies and public organisations in helping them understand why and how to move to a zero-emission fleet.

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Posted by Ian Featherstone on 7th September 2017

Brexit and the Internal Energy Market


Victoria Fleming-Williams, Policy Manager at the Aldersgate Group, reviews the potential repercussions of Brexit negotiations on UK membership of the Internal Energy Market and outlines alternatives to retain the benefits of trade in electricity if outside the IEM. 

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Posted by Victoria Fleming-Williams on 4th September 2017