The Aldersgate Group is a politically impartial, multi-stakeholder alliance championing a competitive and environmentally sustainable economy. Through targeted political engagement, evidence gathering and policy development, we advocate the business case for decarbonising the UK economy, improving resource efficiency and investing in the natural environment.

We are a membership organisation composed of some of the largest businesses in the UK with a collective global turnover in excess of £550bn, leading NGOs, professional institutes, public sector bodies and politicians from across the political spectrum. A small Secretariat manages the policy output and administrative management of the Aldersgate Group, overseen by its board of directors. We call on government to: 

  • set a high level of ambition in climate policy, resource efficiency and environmental protection;
  • provide policy stability to support affordable business investment in the sustainable infrastructure the UK needs to deliver its environmental objectives within a competitive economy;
  • recognise and seize through its Industrial Strategy the economic benefits that tackling environmental challenges and building a resource efficient and low carbon economy can provide.

The Aldersgate Group Secretariat itself has set a net zero science-based target which is in line with a 1.5 degree of warming pathway. We have committed to reduce our scope 1 & 2 emissions by 42% and our scope 3 emissions by 46.2% by 2030, against a baseline of emissions from 2019-2020. In our baseline year, total emissions across scopes 1, 2 and 3 came to 2.22 tonnes CO2e.

What we do

We develop independent policy solutions based on targeted research and the expertise and diversity of our members. Through our broad membership, we advocate change that delivers benefits to an ever-growing spectrum of the economy. We engage with key decision makers, respond to important consultations and inquiries, develop major policy reports and briefings and hold high-level debates to publicise important topics.

Membership subscription, event sponsorship and specific project funding support our activities. Download our statements below for more information.