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AG urges MEPs to strengthen EU climate change targets

4th July 2011

The Aldersgate Group (AG) has written to all UK-based MEPs to urge them not to undermine the Government’s commitment to increase the EU emissions reduction target to 30% by 2020. A crucial vote in the European Parliament is expected at lunchtime tomorrow.

Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, said: “A 30% carbon reduction target would provide greater certainty for businesses to invest in tomorrow’s technologies, boosting innovation and creating jobs. This is vital if the EU is going to be at the forefront of a green industrial revolution and is not the enemy of competitiveness, as some have claimed. In fact, many of Britain’s biggest businesses are urging MEPs not to undermine the Prime Minister’s commitment to a 30% carbon reduction target.”


Committee on Climate Change: emissions reductions must accelerate

30th June 2011

The AG supports the findings of a new progress report by the Committee on Climate Change which finds that an acceleration in the pace of emission reductions is required.

Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, said: "The Government should not hide behind carbon reductions that are a direct result of the recession. Much greater urgency is required if the UK is to meet its ambitious climate change targets and lead a green industrial revolution."

To read the CCC's 3rd progress report, click here.


Powerful business alliance welcomes 4th carbon budget

17th May 2011

In a letter authored by Peter Young, Chairman of the Aldersgate Group, an alliance of the UK's largest businesses and environmental groups has welcomed the Government's commitment to a legally binding target to reduce carbon emissions. They state that strong and clear action on climate change is essential for long-term economic growth, jobs and competitive advantage.


Andrew Raingold on the benefits of mandatory carbon reporting

11th May 2011

Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group helped to launch Carbon Smart's latest report on sustainability assurance in 2010. To see the edited highlights of this event, click here.


The new politics of climate change

19th January 2011

Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, joined a debate on 19th Jan, organised by the Fabian Society, "The New Politics of Climate Change - where are we?" With the Coalition's pledge to be the ‘greenest government ever' tempered by increased budgetary limitations for both state and individual, the seminar sought to look at the priorities and obstacles for the Government in this agenda.


Consultation on Electricity Market Reform

16th December 2010

Responding to today's announcement on reform to the energy market, Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group said: "The introduction of a sufficiently stable, high and credible carbon price is essential to stimulate the required step change in investment for low carbon technologies. To maximise the potential growth and jobs benefits to the economy, the proceeds must be used to support low carbon energy projects."


AG support for open letter to Spelman on reporting emissions

26th November 2010

Today the AG has supported an open letter to Caroline Spelman published in the Financial Times, initiated by two of its members, the Co-operative and WWF, calling for reporting of carbon emissions by companies to be made mandatory. The letter argues that this would reward the companies already taking a lead in the green economy and help all businesses to manage and reduce their GHG emissions.

AG responds to DECC Better Regulation Information Request

7th July 2010

The Aldersgate Group (AG) has responded to the DECC information request on 'Reducing Red Tape'.

The Group's letter to Lord Marland reiterates AG's commitment to reduce the regulatory burden for businesses but urges caution to ensure environmental policies are not undermined by the drive to reduce red tape. Regulation is one of the few means of encouraging the economic recovery onto a more sustainable path and a sensible course of action given the current fiscal climate.

AG welcomes Committee on Climate Change report

30th June 2010

The Aldersgate Group supports the report by the Committee on Climate Change, on meeting carbon budgets and ensuring a low carbon recovery, launched today.

Commenting on the report, Peter Young, Chairman of the Aldersgate Group, said: "We welcome the Committee's headline message that greater urgency is needed to meet carbon budgets. A number of the priorities identified by the Committee are also commitments in the Coalition Agreement, such as electricity market reform and the implementation of a carbon floor price. Prompt action will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but will be vital for the economic recovery, boosting growth, jobs and competitiveness.

Peter's comments were quoted in the Guardian and the article can be viewed here


AG responds to DECC skills consultation

23rd June 2010

Today the Aldersgate Group (AG) submitted its response to DECC's consultation on "Meeting the Low Carbon Skills Challenge."

The response welcomed the development of a comprehensive low carbon skills framework but emphasised the need for the government to develop this strategy.

Early Day Motion welcomes AG report

17th June 2010

A cross party Early Day Movement (EDM) has been tabled by Martin Horwood MP, Tim Yeo MP and Paul Flynn MP to support the AG's Accelerating the Transition report. It welcomes the cross-party commitment for a rapid transition to a low carbon and resource efficient economy and calls for the report recommendations to be implemented by the new government. The AG will be encouraging MPs to sign the EDM over the next few weeks. A link to the EDM can be found here (number 272).


AG Chairman outlines impact of policy drivers

4th March 2010

Peter Young delivered a keynote speech at the SmartestEnergy annual conference today. He outlined the competitive threat posed by the US in attracting investment for green technologies and argued that environmental issues will not be a key battle ground in the General Election. 

To read more, click here


Aldersgate Group calls for Beyond Carbon economic strategy

1st February 2010

The UK must adopt an industrial strategy which goes ‘beyond carbon’ to address critical resource efficiency challenges in all areas of the economy if it is to maintain employment and a competitive, sustainable advantage in global markets, now and in the future.

Media coverage includes:

Beyond Carbon: extended case studies

1st February 2010

These case studies are the unedited versions of the three examples given in the Aldersgate Group's latest report, 'Beyond Carbon'. As such they contain further discussion on the themes of the report and more  suggested solutions.

These views are the product of working groups, convened for three roundtable events. They therefore do not represent the views of the Aldersgate Group, any one individual or organisation. The case studies are intended to provoke thought and discussion.

Beyond Carbon: Professor Ekins' presentation

1st February 2010

At the launch of the Aldersgate Group's report, "Beyond Carbon", Professor Ekins presented the following slides to the audience.

Beyond Carbon: Dr Eduljee's presentation

1st February 2010

At the launch of the Aldersgate Group's report, "Beyond Carbon", Dr Eduljee presented the following slides to the audience (click button to the right).

UKs Miliband confident of binding climate pact in Mexico

14th January 2010

UN talks in Mexico at the end of this year are likely to produce the legally binding climate change treaty that eluded negotiators in Copenhagen, the UK’s climate change secretary of state informed the Aldersgate Group.


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