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Circular economy a real value proposition

12th July 2012

In an article published by CIWM Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, said that the circular economy provides a number of economic benefits as global resources become more scarce. He says that "a small number of companies at the vanguard of applying circular economy thinking are already demonstrating that it is a real value proposition" and that the Aldersgate Group were seeking to ensure this is scaled up.  

AG sets out circular economy vision

20th June 2012

The transition to a circular economy presents opportunities for growth and competitive advantage in a resource constrained world. In a new report, Resilience in the Round, the Aldersgate Group (AG) sets out challenges, opportunities, enablers, barriers and timescales, as well as outlining next steps that the AG will develop with stakeholders.

The AG has collaborated with the Big Picture on a multimedia platform to introduce the circular economy.

AG welcomes Resource Security Action Plan

16th March 2012

The Government's Resource Security Action Plan, published today, cites the Aldersgate Group's Beyond Carbon report as evidence for the need for a targeted resource strategy, and answers our call to develop a dashboard to raise awareness and help companies understand the risk and issues associated with the security of materials.

Peter Young, Chairman of the Aldersgate Group, said: "The era of plentiful and cheaper resources is over. Our business members are facing rising costs for essential raw materials and minerals, while constraints on their availability and price volatility are having a damaging effect on the economy.

That is why the Aldersgate Group has been calling for a strategy which goes beyond carbon to address critical resource efficiency challenges in all areas of the economy, to remain competitive in global markets, both now and in the future. The Government's action plan is a welcome first step to ensure that growth isn't damaged by potential supply uncertainty and the UK gains competitive advantage from increased resilience."

For Guardian coverage, click here.

Car manufacturing

Significant progress on building policy but the devil's in the detail

13th February 2012

A new Aldersgate Group report, Building Britain, suggests that progress has been made by Government in shaping the regulatory and fiscal framework for sustainable buildings in the UK. However, the industry's prospects of delivering on carbon reduction targets whilst remaining competitive is still somewhat hampered by a lack of clarity, consistency and effective enforcement.

Jon Lovell, Director of Sustainability at Drivers Jonas Deloitte, who authored the report, said: "With the rising cost of energy having such a clear impact on the bottom line of business, and on the health and well being of a growing proportion of society, the government must re-double its efforts in pushing forward with a joined-up programme of effective and proportionate regulation, particularly on the efficiency agenda."

See coverage in the Guardian here.

Fears over green building standard for new schools

3rd February 2012

The Aldersgate Group and UK Green Building council have urged the Education Secretary not to scrap BREEAM requirement for new schools. In a joint letter to Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, they argue that the cost of a school achieving an "excellent" BREEAM standard would be far outweighed by the resulting saving on energy bills. 

For more information, see the Guardian coverage here.


Plan for Growth must go "Beyond Carbon"

5th January 2012

A technical paper on the economic benefits of resource efficiency by Aldersgate Group (AG) Directors Andrew Raingold, Sir John Harman and Ian Dickie has been published in the international journal "Proceedings of ICE - Waste and Resource Management". Permission has been kindly granted to print one copy of the article for personal use by AG stakeholders. Any other use of the PDF file is subject to reprint fees.

AG call for evidence: skills challenges in your organisation

15th September 2011

The Aldersgate Group (AG) and Ellen MacArthur Foundation are embarking on a joint initiative that seeks to identify the key challenges to accelerate the knowledge and practical skills required for all professions, in the transition to a new economy.

We want to hear from you. Click on the adjacent briefing to find out how to get involved.

AG Member makes the case for closed loop business models

12th September 2011

Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director for InterfaceFlor (an Aldersgate Group (AG) member), spoke on "Closed loop business models for the future" at the B4E Climate Summit.

He drew comparisons with nature, where organisms don't eat their own waste. "In nature, waste from one organism becomes the food for another organism, and this is what we've seen in our industry. Rather than just limiting ourselves to making carpet from recycling nylon from our own carpet, we saw the opportunity of recycling other things, like fishing nets in certain countries." The closed loop business model, Ramon argued, should not be restricted to closed loops, "but just loops", incorporating "scavenging" from other industries, a process which may be threatened by creation of new materials.

The full discussion can be seen here.


AG responds to government proposals for simplifying the CRC

6th September 2011

To mark the publication of Aldersgate Group's (AG) repsonse to the CRC simplification proposals, Chris Tuppen, AG Director, said "The Government's red tape challenge asks for suggestions on how to simplify environment and energy policy. At the same time a choir of voices including the Aldersgate Group, the CBI, and the OECD are calling on the Government to simplify their approach to carbon pricing. We urge DECC to take another look at the benefits to government and business of bringing together the CRC, CCL and CCAs."

Guardian Sustainable Business has published an article by Andrew Raingold, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group, on the CRC which can be viewed here.

UKGBC and BPF call for better regulation of non-domestic buildings

10th May 2011

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) and British Property Foundation (BPF) have written to key government ministers calling for Display Energy Certificates (DECs) to be mandatory for private sector buildings. The letter is supported by a wide range of representatives from business and civil society, including Peter Young, Chairman of the Aldersgate Group. To read more about the campaign, visit the UKGBC website here