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Low carbon skills crucial to levelling up the UK

29th September 2020

Reacting to the Prime Minister’s announcement of reforming post-18 education and training, Ana Musat, Policy Manager at the Aldersgate Group, said: “We warmly welcome today’s announcement which sets out plans to support lifelong learning and retraining for adults in the UK. Investing in skills is crucial to the economic recovery and ensuring that the opportunities from a transition to a net zero emissions economy are spread across the country. The new Lifetime Skill Guarantee can contribute to tackling rising social inequalities, and increased funding for apprenticeships can provide SMEs with much needed support and flexibility to attract the required talent. The Government should also focus on boosting the supply of the skills that are required to meet the UK's net zero target and closing existing skills gaps in key sectors including construction and heavy industry. This will require a joined-up approach between private sector, national government and education institutions to provide the UK workforce with the skills of the future.” 

Ana Musat added: “As we argue in our upcoming skills briefing [1], a comprehensive focus on developing the right skills across key economic sectors will be essential. Government, business and the education system need to collaborate to ensure an adequate skills provision, and today’s measures must be accompanied by a net zero delivery plan that sends clear market signals to businesses and grows demand for the skills of the future [2]. Engaging with Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, SMEs and local education providers can ensure that investment in skills is matched to local specialism, putting all areas of the UK in a strong position to seize these opportunities.”

[1] The Aldersgate Group will launch a new policy briefing on skills in the low carbon economy on 15 October, Upskilling the UK workforce for the 21st century.

[2] The Aldersgate Group will launch a new policy report on Building a Net Zero Emissions Economy: next steps for government and business. The report will be debated at an event from 12.00pm to 1.30pm on Monday 5 October. The event will include a keynote speech from Darren Jones, Chair of the BEIS Select Committee, and panellists from multiple business sectors. You can register here.


UK must use its domestic and trade policy to lead by example on climate change

24th September 2020

Reacting to the Prime Minister’s remarks later today at a United Nations Climate Action Roundtable, Nick Molho, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group said: “It is positive to see the Prime Minister use this platform to call for rapid and transformational commitments on nationally determined contributions and climate finance, progress against of which will be vital to the success of COP26 in Glasgow.

But to be impactful on the global stage, the UK must demonstrate in the coming months that it is making genuine progress against its own net zero target by introducing further policies in areas such as carbon pricing, building decarbonisation and the rapid phase out of petrol and diesel vehicle sales [1]. Negotiating trade agreements that are consistent with and supportive of the UK’s climate and environmental goals will also be essential to the UK’s credibility on global climate policy [2].”


[1] The Aldersgate Group will publish a new report on 5th October, Building a Net Zero Emissions Economy: next steps for government and business, which will set out detailed policy recommendations for all key economic sectors in this parliamentary term to put the UK on a credible pathway for its net zero emissions target.

[2] The Aldersgate Group published a policy briefing on 24 June, making the case for aligning the UK’s trade policy with its climate and environmental goals and setting out key measures to be taken in the Trade Bill and future trade agreements. The briefing is available at:


Clean growth key to deliver new viable jobs

24th September 2020

Reacting to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s economic update, Signe Norberg, Public Affairs Manager at Aldersgate Group, said: “We welcome the new measures announced today by the Chancellor to safeguard jobs and businesses over the winter months. To deliver the “new opportunities” and “viable jobs” the Chancellor wants to see created across the economy, the Government must align its upcoming stimulus measures and policy interventions to support growing investment in low carbon solutions and infrastructure. Areas such as renewable energy, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, industrial decarbonisation and nature restoration deliver high economic growth multipliers in the short and long term. [1] This can help put UK businesses in a competitive position in the growing global market for low carbon goods, which is expected to be worth more than £1 trillion a year by 2030. [2]”
Signe Norberg added: “It is also vital that the Government looks to introduce further support and training to equip the current and future workforce with the skills that are required for this transition. As set out in our forthcoming report on skills [3], a national ‘low carbon skills and levelling up strategy’ is urgently needed. Sustainability urgently needs to be embedded across the educational curriculum, alongside reforms to apprenticeship standards and T-levels. Together, this will support the Government’s vision for “building back better” and ensure the UK can capitalise on the markets of the future.”


[1] Dimitri Zenghelis and James Rydge (2020) Rebuilding to Last: How to Design an inclusive, resilient and sustainable growth strategy after COVID-19. This report was commissioned by the Aldersgate Group and is available here
[2] CCC (2017) UK business opportunities of moving to a low carbon economy
[3] The Aldersgate Group will be releasing a briefing on skills in mid-October, which will set out what a credible UK wide skills strategy should look like and where businesses and educational institutions most need support from the policy and regulatory framework.


UK Citizens And Businesses Both Ready To Crack On With Achieving Net Zero Emissions

10th September 2020

Reacting to the launch of Climate Assembly UK’s report, Nick Molho, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, said: “Today’s report, which follows growing business calls for an environmentally sustainable recovery [1], shows that there is extensive public support for cracking on with efforts to achieve net zero emissions and for aligning the UK’s economic recovery strategy with its net zero target. Despite the hardship brought about by the COVID-19 crisis, the Government benefits from a unique context whereby both the public and the business community desire clear leadership and policy interventions to put the UK on a credible pathway to net zero emissions.”
Nick Molho added: “The Government should in particular take note of the specific recommendations made by members of the Climate Assembly with respect to road transport, buildings, power and product standards, which are all areas where the UK needs to achieve substantial emission cuts in the near future. Through a combination of clear regulations (such as energy and resource efficiency standards), greater devolution of political and financial autonomy to local bodies, and support measures for the most vulnerable in society, government action could play a significant role in putting the UK on a credible path towards a just and timely transition to net zero emissions.”  
The Aldersgate Group will shortly publish a report, that sets out businesses’ key policy priorities for this parliamentary term to put the UK on track for net zero emissions [2].


[1] On 1 June 2020, around 200 business leaders – including several Aldersgate Group business members - wrote to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and called for an economic recovery plan aligned with the UK’s net zero target and other environmental goals. More information is available here
[2] The Aldersgate Group will launch a new report on 5th October, Building a net zero emissions economy: Next steps for government and business, looking at key policy interventions required in key economic sectors during this parliamentary term to put the UK economy on track for net zero emissions by 2050.