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Offshore wind sector deal shows low carbon transition is a huge industrial opportunity for the UK

7th March 2019

Reacting to the new Offshore Wind Sector Deal published today, Nick Molho, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group, said: “We welcome the release today of the Offshore Wind Sector Deal, especially its commitment to boost the supply chain and ensure job opportunities are spread across the country, and its 2030 ambition to achieve a 40% female workforce. Other pledges, such as introducing an Offshore Energy Passport to facilitate work across offshore sectors and driving a greater focus on jobs and skills for young people, will cement offshore wind at the centre of the UK’s energy system, bringing jobs, investment and export opportunities to regions across the UK.
The government’s objective to reduce project costs in the 2020s will materialise if there is a sufficiently high and stable volume of projects in the coming decade. This requires building on the government’s commitment to hold auctions every two years and further clarifying the process, volume and exact timings of auctions as soon as possible so that the industry is clear about the opportunity ahead.”


Beyond the 2019 elections: maintaining momentum on resource efficiency

28th January 2019

The Aldersgate Group has today released a new report Beyond the 2019 elections: maintaining momentum on resource efficiency. This is an updated version of the Group's previous report Beyond the Circular Economy Package: maintaining momentum on resource efficiency to take account of the upcoming European elections.

Building on an Aldersgate Group report published in January 2017, and updated since its first release in December 2017, this report sets out policy recommendations that EU institutions should pursue after the 2019 European elections to build on the Circular Economy Package and support increased business action on resource efficiency. These recommendations are based on business case studies, including some developed as part of the EU LIFE+ funded REBus project, which began in 2013 and on which the Aldersgate Group was a partner. 

See here for the original report's press release from December 2017.