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Accounting and investment strategy must protect and enhance UK natural capital

27th January 2015

The Aldersgate Group has welcomed the Natural Capital Committee’s third and final State of Natural Capital report, being published today. The report sets out the roadmap for development of a 25 year strategy to protect and improve the UK environment including priority areas for investment.

Aldersgate Group Chair, Peter Young, said: “The Natural Capital Committee's reports are invaluable in illuminating the parlous state of the UK's natural capital and the opportunities that can be derived from better accounting for its value and loss.

“Conventional accounting systems help measure and safeguard the capital base upon which a business relies. It is only logical that these principles be applied to measure and safeguard the natural environment. The Aldersgate Group membership includes businesses willing to embrace corporate accounting for natural capital to contribute to the restoration of some of our most important natural assets, upon which we all have some dependency.

“To support this work, government must create an appropriate new institution to oversee and report on progress.”

Nick Molho, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, said: “To support the investment priority areas set out in the Natural Capital Committee’s third report, a Natural Capital Investment Strategy is vital to set out the future direction of travel. The Green Investment Bank is well placed to engage in this area, ensuring the UK exploits the Natural Capital Financing Facility to grow investments in natural capital.

“Under-investment in natural capital and the resulting cumulative deficit threatens our long term resilience and well being.”

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