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Ministers shooting themselves in the foot on energy policy

9th December 2013

Andrew Raingold, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group, writing in Guardian Sustainable Business, argues that a muddled energy strategy is confusing businesses and undermining the transition to a more secure, low-carbon future. In their attempt to drive bills down, politicians are forcing bills up, leading to an own goal of "Blockbuster" proportions. 


Government scoring own goal on energy policy

2nd December 2013

Peter Young, Chairman of the Aldersgate Group, has written to the Prime Minister setting out business’ concern of the recent politicisation of UK energy policy. He says that mixed messages from Government are creating “risk, ambiguity and mistrust”.

Peter Young warned that: “The Government is scoring a spectacular own goal as the jumbled energy policy debate increases today the very costs that Government is seeking to reduce, and increases the costs for business tomorrow by not delivering an efficient, less fossil-reliant energy supply. The very real danger is that we shoot ourselves in the foot and fail to deliver an affordable, secure and low carbon energy mix.”

For further information, see Roger Harrabin analysis on the BBC website, citing the letter and, "warning that in their attempt to drive bills down, politicians may be forcing bills up." Also see coverage in The Mirror.


Political agenda must put long-term interests of citizens at its heart

28th November 2013

In an interview for leading carpet manufacturer Interface, Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, said that we need a political and economic agenda that puts the long-term interests of citizens at its heart. This must be built on "a new mindset" that encapsulates how we can prosper in a very different world; "a heroic nation in a struggle for future prosperity". 


EU-China Summit must deliver green growth outcomes

22nd November 2013

The Aldersgate Group have written to both David Cameron and José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, to urge the EU to propose an ambitious set of concrete initiatives on green growth at the EU-China Summit.

In collaboration with E3G and EU CLG, the joint letters state that the Summit represents a critical opportunity to align European and Chinese interests on the green economy, and formulate a new approach to the EU-China relationship which maximises mutual opportunities and better manages trade tensions.

Further integration of European and Chinese markets would deliver immediate and large business opportunities for European firms. China will spend $8 trillion on urbanisation and over $1 trillion on power systems to 2020. The majority of this investment will need to be clean, efficient and low carbon. The letter sets out four priorities to help create a "Green Growth Area" between the EU and China. 

Davey welcomes AG Energy Bill intervention

14th November 2013

Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, has warmly welcomed a letter sent by the Aldersgate Group, calling for a meaningful decarbonisation target to be included in the Energy Bill in 2014. His letter states: "I am genuinely grateful for your letter and was impressed by the significant investor numbers and names who are clearly supportive of an ambitious approach to tackling climate change."

Whilst recognising "that we need to decarbonise our power sector significantly", Mr Davey insisted that "the Government is taking powers in the Energy Bill to set a target range for electricity sector decarbonisation for 2030." The Aldersgate Group has criticised the Government's approach to the decarbonisation target which is unduly weak, and coordinated a letter with UK SIF arguing that the Energy Bill must create the obligation to include a decarbonisation target in 2014, to be implemented by 2030. The letter was signed by investors with over £1 trillion assets under management worldwide and sent to the Chancellor in September 2013.

Biodiversity offsetting report welcomed

12th November 2013

The Environmental Audit Committee has published its report into biodiversity offsetting in England (click here). Drawing on multiple submissions of oral and written evidence, including from the Aldersgate Group (click here to read), the report is cautiously in favour of biodiversity offsetting providing the correct measures and safeguards are implemented. The Committee insists that biodiversity offsetting must not be allowed to give developers a "carte blanche to concrete".

Ian Dickie, Director of the Aldersgate Group and author of the Group's submission, said: "Biodiversity offsetting can be an appropriate tool to help tackle conservation objectives, providing it ensures existing levels of protection and is mandatory. We would warn that understanding of biodiversity offsetting is currently at a low level, which makes it vital that the Government does not rush this process and takes due time to design an effective system."


High quality biodiversity offsets appropriate for conservation

3rd November 2013

The Aldersgate Group has responded to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)'s consultation on biodiversity offsetting.

The Group's response finds that the most important goal for this area is biodiversity protection and enhancement, which makes offsetting an appropriate tool to help with wildlife conservation objectives in England, providing it is structured appropriately. The framework must ensure no dilution of existing protection and that the system is robust and mandatory. 

The Aldersgate Group has also co-signed a letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, calling for offsetting to be mandatory. This letter can be viewed here.

Lords’ vote against decarbonisation is major missed opportunity

29th October 2013

Today the House of Lords missed an historic opportunity to be consistent with the Government’s commitment to being "the greenest government ever" and put growth at the top of the agenda. In a vote on whether to include a firm and foreseeable commitment to decarbonise the power sector by 2030, the peers voted against, leaving business and investors without the clear and cost effective path towards a decarbonised economy, that they have been demanding from the Government.  

Peter Young, Chairman of the Aldersgate Group said: "This is a major missed opportunity, not just for UK green businesses which gave us a trade surplus of £5 billion last year, but to global businesses and investors poised to create jobs and contribute to growth here in the UK. The conflict between the Government's green pretensions and its increasing determination to procrastinate whilst relying on high carbon, polluting technologies will send global investors elsewhere and slow sorely needed business growth in the UK. The uncertainty that this Government has caused is already delaying desperately urgent UK investment. Meanwhile, our global competitors are developing tomorrow’s solutions with capital which could have been deployed in the UK to the benefit of our economy, both now and in the long term, when delayed modernisation of our power mix will be more expensive."


Aldersgate urges PM to maintain green levies

28th October 2013

The Aldersgate Group has added its support to a letter sent to the Prime Minister, calling on him not to scale back the green levies included in energy bills. The letter argues that the "only sure way" to protect households against rising bills in the long term is through energy efficiency. This is supported by measures such as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) which targets vulnerable and low income households and "hard to treat" properties. Cancelling this measure would increase the energy bill for these consumers, who are least able to afford it.

To read the full letter, click here


Aldersgate calls for ETS reform legislation

24th October 2013

The Aldersgate Group has signed a letter to the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barosso, calling for draft legislation for a structural reform of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) to be brought forward by the end of the year. The letter was signed by 53 businesses, investors and associations, who believe that a clear carbon price signal and long-term visibility are essential to drive investment and growth. 


Investors call on Chancellor for greater clarity on energy policy

1st October 2013

A group of investors responsible for over a trillion (£) of investment worldwide has written to the Chancellor on the day of his speech to the Conservative Party Conference calling for a decarbonisation target to be included in the Energy Bill. They argue that the lack of a target inhibits investment decisions and negatively impacts the UK’s ability to attract the capital needed to update its ageing infrastructure. 

Steve Waygood, Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Aviva Investors, who signed the letter said: "We are increasingly factoring climate change risks into the decisions we make, but the confusion over medium-term energy policy is a significant impediment".

Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, which co-ordinated the letter with UKSIF, said: “The Chancellor’s lack of support for a decarbonisation target in the Energy Bill is completely out of kilter with mainstream business and investor opinion. Such a target would provide certainty to investors, energy generators and their supply chains, giving a much-needed investment boost to the UK economy."

Electricity labelling – we need your views!

19th September 2013

The Aldersgate Group is investigating how to resolve the complexity and lack of transparency in the UK energy market.

Progressive businesses are leading the way in tackling climate change and many are investing in low carbon energy to lower their carbon footprint. To do so, they frequently pay a premium for "green tariffs" or on-site renewables. But some reporting frameworks (like the CRC) ask businesses to report low carbon electricity to their stakeholders as "grid average", while others (the Climate Change Levy) recognise the purchase as zero carbon. This creates confusion and blocks clear communication of power purchasing decisions to the Board and shareholders.

The Aldersgate Group proposes that a solution would be trusted labelling of purchased electricity. Click here to see an example of an electricity label.

The survey covers your electricity purchasing decisions. It should take around 10 minutes to complete the priority questions. All those who contribute will be able to be kept up to date with the project's progress.


Industrial Strategy can boost UK supply chains

12th September 2013

Speaking at the joint Government-CBI Industrial Strategy Conference at Warwick University, Aldersgate Group Chairman, Peter Young, set out how the Industrial Strategy must strengthen and develop UK-based supply chains so that more value is captured domestically. 

On a panel with BIS Minister Michael Fallon, he said: "We must take the opportunity to re-invent the supply chains of both traditional and new sectors to drive growth which is decoupled from the negative externalities of past industrial revolutions. Businesses which are energy efficient and operate with low virgin resource intensity will thrive in a resource-constrained world and have a competitive edge on those that do not."

"Government must maintain a commitment long term to the various industrial strategies underpinned by clear and smooth delivery; as for example in energy policy to give business the clarity and timing to invest in future low carbon markets. The sector approach can allow both government and business to develop solutions in emerging markets with a mix of policy, investment and co-ordinated procurement to create UK supply chains which can boost jobs, productivity and exports."


We need new narratives that go beyond "green growth" economics

9th September 2013

In an essay for Business Green, Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, argues that the trend towards "New Environmentalism" will only gain mass appeal if we ditch the "Environmentalism". He contends that new narratives are needed that have much wider appeal to the general public than traditional "green growth" economic frames and that empower their target audiences. At its heart, this is about a "heroic nation in a struggle for future prosperity" rather than a green "flavour enhancer" that has been largely marginalised in the national debate about growth.

Drawing on the success of the Occupy Movement in shifting the economic debate away from an obsession with public debt, Andrew argues that "we need an economy with purpose that works strategically to make Britain truly 'great' and deliver rising prosperity to its citizens... Short-term fixes and decimal changes in GDP growth will not be sufficient to get us there."

The article is part of a series of essays for a cleaner future which includes contributions from MPs, business leaders, the EU Environment Commissioner and the UK Climate Change Minister.


Government must do more to realise growth opportunities of natural capital

5th September 2013

The Aldersgate Group welcomes the wide acceptance of the work of the business-led Ecosystems Markets Task Force (EMTF) set out in the Government’s response published on 5th September. But while the Government has favoured the vast majority of the recommendations, the actions described could fall well short of delivering the contribution to growth and business opportunity that ambitious implementation of the EMTF's carefully crafted suggestions would make.

Peter Young, Chairman of the Aldersgate Group and a member of the EMTF said: “The business opportunities highlighted by the EMTF will not be realised if Government is not prepared to make them tangible and secure for investment in new nature based markets. For example, it is vital that the current consultation on biodiversity offsetting does not result in a voluntary scheme which, the published Impact Assessment shows, will deliver absolutely nothing for growth. It would be a massive missed opportunity which has been estimated to be worth £450 million over the next decade. I am pleased that there will be the opportunity to scrutinise progress on all 22 recommendations next spring.”


Aldersgate Group to support project to map the world's resources

3rd September 2013

The Aldersgate Group is collaborating with Anglia Ruskin University in a new project to map the world’s resources. This will investigate the effect of resource constraints on short-term GDP and seek to provide clear information to policymakers on a range of scenarios in order to close the time-lag between the short-term agenda of governments and the long-term vision of current resource models

Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, said: "The Aldersgate Group are delighted to partner with Anglia Ruskin University to gain a greater insight into the current interaction between resources and the economy. The scarcity and security of key resources  are a material risk for many of our business members and country specific analysis will be vital for prudent policy making in a rapidly changing world." 


Crowdfunding is a catalyst for investment in renewable technologies

13th August 2013

Crowdfunding, a method of investment which unlocks capital for individuals to invest in a clean energy future, is already delivering financial benefits for both business and civil society. Vivienne Westwood, speaking at a recent Aldersgate Group event, stated that: "What's good for the planet is good for the economy", and crowdfunding is evidence of this intrinsic link. This event was in partnership with the Trillion Fund which is the first organisation to capitalise on crowdfunding for renewable energy projects. For more information, click here.

Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group said: "The Aldersgate Group and our business members are delighted to partner with Trillion Fund and explore new financing opportunities to invest directly in renewable technologies at scale. This provides everyone with a way to make high returns from their savings at the same time as building a better future."


BT's Net Good should inspire further corporate leadership

9th August 2013

Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, said that BT's Net Good goal should inspire other businesses to adopt similarly ambitious and holistic sustainability strategies. BT's goal is to be a force for ‘net good’ as "doing less environmental harm is no longer good enough" in the context of rising demand for finite global resources.  

Speaking at the launch event in London, he said: "BT's Net Good programme is built on an ambitious vision that goes much further than traditional approaches to corporate sustainability. At its heart is an exploration of how a company can be net good, not less bad. This is at the vanguard of an exciting new corporate movement that explores more fully the role for business in society and has the potential to spur real change."


EU supports Aldersgate Group project on Circular Economy

5th August 2013

The European Commission is supporting a new Aldersgate Group (AG) project on the circular economy to demonstrate how businesses and their supply chains can implement Resource Efficient Business Models. This follows the publication of the AG's report, Resilience in the Round, that was published last year.

The co-funding increases the AG's capacity to drive change in four key markets: electrical and electronic products, clothing, furniture and construction products (that are collectively worth more than 350 billion Euros per year across the EU). The project will be in partnership with WRAP, ESKTN, The University of Northampton and Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) and has a time scale of 3.5 years.

AG calls for review into resource security and climate change

11th July 2013

The Aldersgate Group has published a Business Statement strongly supporting Government Chief Economists' proposal to commission a robust and independent review into the impacts of resource security and climate change on UK growth.

The statement recognises that resource insecurity, in many cases exacerbated by climate change, is already having a tangible impact on growth. These challenges cannot be tackled by business alone. It is essential that Government plays its part to understand and safeguard future prosperity.

The Aldersgate Group has written to the DECC Chief Economist, Steven Fries, enclosing the Business Statement and expressing signatories' support for the review. The Group has also co-signed a letter to the Treasury Select Committee, calling for an inquiry into the delay of the proposed review.

Peter Young, Chairman of the Aldersgate Group said: "It is vital that the UK responds to global recognition of the direct impact on growth and economic activity of resource constraints, greenhouse gas emissions and water insecurity. This is timely, urgent and essential to steer a future growth path which avoids loss of jobs, assets and competitiveness through neglect of future resource constraints and foreseeable price shocks."

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