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Can we put a price on nature?

26th January 2012

AG Director Ian Dickie, was a keynote speaker at the first Earth Debate, organised by the Natural History Museum in the run up to the RIO+20 Earth Summit. The event was a wide-ranging debate which highlighted the importance of understanding the value of nature, and to put this into a language that decision makers understand.

Ian argued that ecosystem services can link to familiar business terms through concepts such as natural capital, which demonstrate that "environmental assets have a value for humans and business both now and in the future." He said that valuing such services in monetary terms can help "inform the decision-making process and sustain economic value from the environment into the future".

To watch the debate, click here.


More transparency needed on UK's total carbon footprint

24th January 2012

AG Director, Chris Tuppen, has advised MPs that the UK should seek to develop the reporting and accountability of its consumption emissions to supplement the carbon budgets (which are measured on a production basis). Appearing as a witness to the Energy and Climate Change Committee, he said that this "would be complementary to how the Government encourage businesses and organisations to report their carbon emissions". 

To watch a video of the evidence session, click here.  For more details on the inquiry, click here


Huhne announces UK support for green climate fund

16th January 2012

Chris Huhne, DECC Secretary of State, announced that the UK will provide administrative support to the UN's Green Climate Fund at the Aldersgate Group reception on the climate change talks at Durban. He stated, "I'm pleased to announce today that the UK government will contribute to the set-up costs of the fund during 2012 and of course we will also be considering a substantial contribution to its activities once it's fully operational". Other countries contributing to the set-up costs of the Green Climate Fund include the Republic of Korea, Germany and Denmark.

He also defended the Coalition's environmental performance declaring, "we are absolutely on course to be the greenest government ever".


AG responds to DECC's Red Tape Challenge

11th January 2012

The AG has formally responded to DECC's Red Tape Challenge, emphasising the need to focus on regulatory outcomes to drive growth in the long term. The AG has argued that a streamlined approach can reduce business costs, for example by reforming climate change and energy efficiency legislation. 

Plan for Growth must go "Beyond Carbon"

5th January 2012

A technical paper on the economic benefits of resource efficiency by Aldersgate Group (AG) Directors Andrew Raingold, Sir John Harman and Ian Dickie has been published in the international journal "Proceedings of ICE - Waste and Resource Management". Permission has been kindly granted to print one copy of the article for personal use by AG stakeholders. Any other use of the PDF file is subject to reprint fees.