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Parliamentary committee publishes AG green economy evidence

29th September 2011

Click here to read the Aldersgate Group's (AG) written evidence on the Green Economy submitted to the Environmental Audit Committee. It sets out recommendations to address key barriers, priorities for action and the development of the Enabling the Transition to a Green Economy report. 


AG call for evidence: skills challenges in your organisation

15th September 2011

The Aldersgate Group (AG) and Ellen MacArthur Foundation are embarking on a joint initiative that seeks to identify the key challenges to accelerate the knowledge and practical skills required for all professions, in the transition to a new economy.

We want to hear from you. Click on the adjacent briefing to find out how to get involved.

AG Director gives evidence to Environmental Audit Committee

15th September 2011

Andrew Raingold, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group (AG), told the EAC committee the government's definition for a green economy should incorporate social aspects of sustainable development, focus on employment impacts and reflect the Government commitment to put natural capital at the heart of economic decision making. To listen to the evidence session, click here.

AG's calls for the Government to green the Plan for Growth and bring forward the date the GIB can borrow from 2015 was reflected in an article in today's FT.


Peter Young debates green policy, at B4E Summit

13th September 2011

Peter Young, Chairman of the Aldersgate Group joined a panel alongside the South African Ambassador at Large, at the Business for Environment Global Summit to discuss "Transforming policy to scale up green growth."

He highlighted the importance of leveraging private investment to address political and institutional risks, so that the market can address the technical risks, which it understands. "It's the political and institutional risk which is scaring off investors."

View the whole debate here.


AG Member makes the case for closed loop business models

12th September 2011

Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director for InterfaceFlor (an Aldersgate Group (AG) member), spoke on "Closed loop business models for the future" at the B4E Climate Summit.

He drew comparisons with nature, where organisms don't eat their own waste. "In nature, waste from one organism becomes the food for another organism, and this is what we've seen in our industry. Rather than just limiting ourselves to making carpet from recycling nylon from our own carpet, we saw the opportunity of recycling other things, like fishing nets in certain countries." The closed loop business model, Ramon argued, should not be restricted to closed loops, "but just loops", incorporating "scavenging" from other industries, a process which may be threatened by creation of new materials.

The full discussion can be seen here.


AG responds to government proposals for simplifying the CRC

6th September 2011

To mark the publication of Aldersgate Group's (AG) repsonse to the CRC simplification proposals, Chris Tuppen, AG Director, said "The Government's red tape challenge asks for suggestions on how to simplify environment and energy policy. At the same time a choir of voices including the Aldersgate Group, the CBI, and the OECD are calling on the Government to simplify their approach to carbon pricing. We urge DECC to take another look at the benefits to government and business of bringing together the CRC, CCL and CCAs."

Guardian Sustainable Business has published an article by Andrew Raingold, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group, on the CRC which can be viewed here.

AG Directors appointed to Defra advisory groups

5th September 2011

Two Aldersgate Group (AG) Directors have been appointed to advisory groups that will make recommendations on the Government's better regulation agenda. Peter Young, AG Chairman, has been appointed in a personal capacity to the Defra Strategic Regulatory Scrutiny Panel which has been tasked with challenging and advising Defra on the way it thinks about regulation. In addition, Andrew Raingold, Executive Director, will sit on the Sounding Board for the Red Tape Challenge Environment Theme that is also being convened by Defra and will scrutinise regulatory proposals. The AG seeks to ensure that regulatory reform is primarily concerned with the effective achievement of outcomes, while reducing administrative burdens and maximising innovation potential.

Peter Young said: "I welcome Defra’s initiative in bringing outside scrutiny and expertise to work closely with officials to achieve the objective of what the Aldersgate Group has coined 'best value regulation'. I think it reflects our constructive dialogue and capacity to add value to policy reform that Andrew and I have been selected for these appointments and I look forward to extending my personal relationships within Defra further through this important work.’