5th November 2021

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Date and time: Friday 5 November 2021 10am to 11:30am GMT
Location: Bellona Pavilion, Blue Zone

The challenge of reaching net zero is unprecedented in scale and complexity for many countries. Net-zero requires a fundamental restructuring of economies, energy flows and markets. The need for careful economic and financial planning around the implementation of these shifts has become all the greater considering the economic and societal effects of the global pandemic. Linking economic recovery by creating jobs and investment opportunities with the rapid reduction and eventual elimination of emissions is the fundamental policy task for this decade.
This is why the Aldersgate Group is pairing up with Bellona and Centre for Energy Policy to organise this in-person event which will explore the importance of the transition to net zero, the importance of bringing people along and ensuring economic growth across different geographies. Please note that this is a Blue Zone event, and any attendees will need to have the appropriate credentials to enter the area and attend the event. There is no need to pre-register for this session. 


  • Nick Molho, Executive Director, Aldersgate Group
  • Karen Turner, Director, Centre for Energy Policy
  • Cecile Faraud, Clean Construction Programme Manager, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
  • Lee Beck, International Director for Carbon Capture, Clean Air Task Force
  • Jane Cooper, Director of Regulatory and External Affairs, Orsted
  • Hilde Tonne, CEO, Statnett
  • Cordi O'Hara, President, National Grid Ventures
  • Andy Lane, Managing Director, Net Zero Teesside
  • Luciana Miu, Senior Researcher, EPG
  • Anne-Beth Skrede, Special Advisor, LO/Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions
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