The role of biomass in a net zero economy


Laith Whitwham, Senior Policy Officer at the Aldersgate Group, investigates the role that biomass can play in a net zero economy, and the challenges and opportunities this poses.

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Posted by Laith Whitwham on 12th January 2022

The water sector’s role in renewable energy: reimagining traditional industries

Hari Prabu Thames Water C

Hari Prabu, Senior Public Affairs Advisor at Thames Water, discusses the potential for renewable energy generation in the water sector, and how government can maximise this with supportive policy measures.

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Posted by Hari Prabu on 23rd June 2021

An affordable transition to a competitive, low carbon economy is possible


At a time when climate policies are often presented as a drag on economic growth, a recent report from the UK’s Committee on Climate Change shows that moving to a competitive low carbon economy can be done affordably, says Nick Molho of the Aldersgate Group.

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Posted by Nick Molho on 23rd March 2017
First published in: The Economist