Businesses need strong interim targets in the Environment Bill

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To deliver much needed investment in nature restoration, businesses require legally binding interim targets in the Environment Bill to drive rapid policy action, argues the Aldersgate Group's Signe Norberg.

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Posted by Emmanuelle Dot on 15th February 2021
First published in: Business Green

Time to set a new precedent for global trade policy


UK trade policy must set an ambitious new precedent that supports low carbon growth and accelerates global efforts to reduce emissions and restore biodiversity, argues Kate Young, Public Affairs Officer at the Aldersgate Group.

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Posted by Kate Young on 30th November 2020
First published in: Business Green

A competitive economy needs an ambitious low carbon policy


The new government will need an ambitious and stable low carbon policy to bolster UK competitiveness and deliver export opportunities, argues Nick Molho of the Aldersgate Group. 

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Posted by Nick Molho on 17th May 2017
First published in: businessGreen