Key factors inhibiting businesses from changing the way they use plastic

C EarthWatch Justin headshot

Justin Robinson, Development Manager at EarthWatch, explains the Group's findings on why businesses often struggle to change the way they use plastic.

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Posted by Justin Robinson on 25th October 2019

Climate risk reporting: an essential tool for a net zero and resilient economy


Introducing mandatory requirements for businesses and investors to disclose climate risks and what they are doing about them is an essential part of achieving net zero emissions argues Nick Molho, executive director of the Aldersgate Group.


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Posted by Nick Molho on 15th October 2019
First published in: Business Green

Becoming a public interest company – defining success by the social and environmental value we deliver

Andy Brown

Andy Brown, Head of Sustainability at Anglian Water, explores the transition to becoming a public interest company.

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Posted by Andy Brown on 15th August 2019

Climate change: it’s all about delivery


UK climate policy, whilst good on ambition, falls short on delivery. Policy detail and cross-government co-operation is now urgently needed to step up action on emission reductions and improve resilience, argues Nick Molho, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group.

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Posted by Nick Molho on 26th July 2019
First published in: The Economist

The IPBES Report: Responding positively to another tale of woe

Author photo Bruce Howard

Bruce Howard, Director of the Ecosystems Knowledge Network, responds to the latest global assessment of the state of nature, urging more showcasing of the 'good life' associated with a restored natural environment.

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Posted by Bruce Howard on 16th May 2019

Achieving net zero

p8_nick-blyth copy

Nick Blyth, Policy and Engagement Lead at IEMA, argues that if underpinned by policies and commitments, net zero can be a powerful transition signal, supporting business certainty and investor confidence.

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Posted by Nick Blyth on 3rd May 2019

The road to frictionless conservation


Alistair Taylor, Senior Policy Officer, Nature Directives at the RSPB and Martin Casey, Director of Public Affairs Europe at CEMEX argue in this joint blog that there is an urgent need for political rhetoric to be reflected in real action on the ground.

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Posted by Alistair Taylor and Martin Casey on 25th April 2019

Net zero – rethinking carbon as both a challenge and an opportunity


Jon Khoo, Regional Sustainability Manager (UKIME & Nordics) at Interface, explores how Interface is rethinking its relationship with carbon.

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Posted by Jon Khoo on 15th April 2019