Nature offers many benefits to urban areas: COVID19 has highlighted the well-being benefits

Earthwatch blog 3

Earthwatch researchers Beth Pudifoot and Victor Beumer explore why urban nature is so important, and why those of us who have access are lucky to during the COVID19 pandemic.

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Posted by Victor Beumer and Beth Pudifoot on 22nd May 2020
First published in: EarthWatch Europe

Majority of UK economy and society support ambitious environmental regulations

Kate RSPB circle

Kate Jennings, head of site conservation policy at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), reflects on the findings of an Unchecked UK report on regulation which shows that the majority of UK economy and society support ambitious environmental regulations.

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Posted by Kate Jennings on 20th May 2020

A wake-up call for action on agricultural sustainability – how COVID-19 can shape the future of farming


Josephine Head, Senior Research Lead on Sustainable Agriculture at Earthwatch Europe, reflects on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global food system, and how the UK agricultural sector needs to adapt, both in the short and longer-term.

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Posted by Josephine Head on 13th May 2020
First published in: EarthWatch Europe

COVID-19 shows us the value of clean water…but how are we going to protect it?

Isabel Bishop

Dr. Isabel Bishop, Research Manager - Freshwater  at EarthWatch writes about the value of clean water and the long-term impact of COVID-19 on water quality.

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Posted by Dr Isabel Bishop on 11th May 2020
First published in: EarthWatch Europe

Net Zero – delivering here in the UK!

Adam Read

Adam Read, External Affairs Director, SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK Ltd writes about the role of the waste sector to deliver the UK's net zero commitment.

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Posted by Dr. Adam Read on 13th March 2020

Achieving Net Zero in a Hard to Abate Sector

martin casey

Martin Casey, Director Public Affairs Europe at CEMEX shares his company's pathway to net zero.

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Posted by Martin Casey on 6th March 2020

How to make the Environment Bill investible for business


Nick Molho, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, says that key amendments are needed to deliver a world leading environmental regime and an investible proposition for business.

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Posted by Nick Molho on 25th February 2020
First published in: Business Green

Why circular economy and net zero need a happy ever after


Rowland Hill, head of sustainable development reporting at Mark and Spencers, uses Valentines Day to make the case for a circular economy.

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Posted by Rowland Hill on 14th February 2020