What higher gas prices mean for UK heavy industry, and how decarbonisation can come to the rescue

Ana Musat, Head of Policy

Following the launch of an in-depth project on industrial decarbonisation and extensive engagement with cross-industry representatives, Ana Musat, Head of Policy at Aldersgate Group discusses next steps for mitigating the impact of high gas prices on industrial competitiveness by diversifying energy supply and making electrification more cost-competitive ahead of COP26.

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Posted by Ana Musat on 7th October 2021

Easier said than done – one year on from the Leaders Pledge for Nature

Nature , Bird

One year on since the UK signed up to the globally ambitious Leaders Pledge for Nature (LPN), Georgina Chandler, Senior International Policy Officer, and Fiona Dobson, International Policy Officer, at the RSPB discuss how the organisation has found that words have failed to turn into tangible action.

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Posted by Georgina Chandler and Fiona Dobson on 30th September 2021

Greening our planning system will be central to ‘levelling up’

Philip Box - formatted

Philip Box is Public Affairs & Policy Officer at the UK Green Building Council, and in this blog piece, he explores the importance of the new Secretary of State aligning planning with the UK’s climate and environmental objectives.

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Posted by Philip Box on 28th September 2021

Why reducing industrial emissions brings good news for innovation and job creation

Ana Musat, Head of Policy

Ana Musat, Head of Policy at the Aldersgate Group explores the opportunities from industrial decarbonisation, and the policy measures required to realise them

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Posted by Ana Musat on 20th September 2021
First published in: Business Green

Narrow window to improve regulation and secure better environmental outcomes from the water sector


Guy Thompson is Group Director of Environmental Futures at Wessex Water and a former founding Executive Director of Natural England and Executive Director of Green Alliance. In this piece he explores how policy can support water companies to accelerate ambitious action on the environment.

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Posted by Guy Thompson on 10th August 2021

England needs to urgently accelerate the resource efficiency agenda to reach net zero


Kate Young, Senior Public Affairs Officer at the Aldersgate Group outlines the key actions required from government to accelerate progress on the resources and waste agenda.

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Posted by Kate Young on 28th July 2021
First published in: Business Green

What policies are needed to put the whole financial sector on track to deliver net zero?


Josie Murdoch, Senior Policy Officer at the Aldersgate Group assesses the policy action needed from government to accelerate progress on green finance in the UK

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Posted by Josie Murdoch on 15th July 2021
First published in: Business Green

10 steps to unleashing 3 million UK green jobs

David Symons

David Symons, UK Director of Sustainability at WSP outlines how government can achieve its target of delivering three million green jobs in the UK by 2030. Calling for a clear model and clear plan of just where, when and how these jobs are going to come.

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Posted by David Symons on 2nd July 2021
First published in: Race to Zero