Revising planning rules for a low carbon economy

Alex headshot

Alex White, Senior Policy Officer at the Aldersgate Group, discusses the opportunities that revising planning rules can bring to the UK's low carbon economy.

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Posted by Alex White on 17th May 2018

What’s in a watchdog: Why the future of UK environmental governance matters for business and the environment


Alistair Taylor of RSPB and Martin Casey of CEMEX discuss the value of effective regulation for business and the environment.

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Posted by Alistair Taylor and Martin Casey on 11th May 2018

The low-carbon transition and the disconnect between companies and their pension funds

Richard Folland

Richard Folland and Shuen Chan, Co-founders & Partners at Sustineri, discuss the frequent lack of transparency in how corporate pension funds approach climate and sustainability.

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Posted by Richard Folland on 2nd May 2018

Green infrastructure: An ambitious global investment

Michael Wilkins

Michael Wilkins, Head of Sustainable Finance at S&P Global Ratings, discusses the importance of financing green infrastructure projects with both public and private capital.

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Posted by Michael Wilkins on 25th April 2018

Making plastic circular

Grzegorz Rad

Grzegorz Radziejewski, Cabinet Member for European Commission Vice-President Katainen, reviews the ambition behind the Commission's transformative Plastics Strategy.

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Posted by Grzegorz Radziejewski on 16th April 2018

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards set to drive carbon reductions in existing buildings

Simon Clouston

Simon Clouston, Technical Director at WSP, reviews the recently instated Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards and their effect on domestic housing.

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Posted by Simon Clouston on 10th April 2018

Unlocking green infrastructure investment

Alex headshot

Alex White, Senior Policy Officer at the Aldersgate Group, argues the UK government must intervene now to unlock private-sector investment in green infrastructure via long-term commitment, strategic public spending and issuance of a sovereign green bond.

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Posted by Alex White on 20th March 2018
First published in: The Economist

Green Shoots from the Green Investment Bank, or a lost opportunity?

Fergus Lyon

Fergus Lyon, Deputy Director at the ESRC Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity, explores the role of government in the green economy & the additionality of public funds.

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Posted by Fergus Lyon on 9th March 2018