Brexit and the Internal Energy Market


Victoria Fleming-Williams, Policy Manager at the Aldersgate Group, reviews the potential repercussions of Brexit negotiations on UK membership of the Internal Energy Market and outlines alternatives to retain the benefits of trade in electricity if outside the IEM. 

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Posted by Victoria Fleming-Williams on 4th September 2017

Business Unusual: Making circular business models the norm

Norah Lewis

Increasing consumer demand for ever more complex EEE products represent a very real challenge for industry. Yet these same challenges represent a huge opportunity for business to create positive change, says Norah Lewis, Electricals Technical Specialist at WRAP

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Posted by Norah Lewis on 24th August 2017

The Networks Jigsaw - a system-wide approach to the UK’s energy system

Liam Lidstone4

There is real value in the UK employing a multi-vector approach to its energy supply, both from the perspective of transitioning to a low carbon energy system, but also in a way that is convenient and affordable to consumers, says Liam Lidstone, Strategy Manager for Energy Storage and Distribution at the ETI.

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Posted by Liam Lidstone on 17th August 2017

Young people and the low carbon transition


Young people’s futures, including students’, depend upon a low carbon transition. The low carbon economy is not only likely to provide diverse and fruitful employment opportunities – it has to, argues Rob Young, Vice President for Society and Citizenship at the National Union of Students.

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Posted by Rob Young on 15th August 2017

The Natural Capital Protocol: one year later


We know that the implementation of the Protocol is still in relative infancy, but the momentum behind it has been considerable, and in its first year, already it has become the standard approach for businesses looking to understand their impacts and dependencies on natural capital, says Mark Gough, Executive Director at the Natural Capital Coalition

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Posted by Mark Gough on 8th August 2017

Scientific research will uncover new insights into offshore wind


In-depth scientific research and monitoring in a real-time environment is recognised as vital to maximising learning opportunities for the offshore wind sector, says Adam Ezzamel, Project Director of the EOWDC for Vattenfall.

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Posted by Adam Ezzamel on 2nd August 2017

Ain’t no rest for the wicked


It's been an eventful first week of Parliament's summer recess, argues Sarah Williams, Public Affairs Manager at the Aldersgate Group. 

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Posted by Sarah Williams on 28th July 2017

M&S Plan A 2025: an all-round approach to sustainable business


Mike Barry, Director of Sustainable Business (Plan A) at Marks and Spencer, discusses the ins and outs of M&S' Plan A 2025.

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Posted by Mike Barry on 25th July 2017