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New economy

An Economy That Works: Policy Report

13th March 2015

This report on “An Economy That Works” initiative hosts contributions from leading experts on one facet of the six core areas of An Economy That Works: high employment, equality of opportunity, wellbeing, low carbon development, zero waste and enhancing the UK’s natural capital.

Resource revolution

Resource Efficient Business Models: the roadmap to resilience and prosperity

3rd March 2015

The Aldersgate Group calls on the next Government to make significant fiscal and regulatory reforms to help UK businesses be more resource efficient and boost the UK’s economic competitiveness.

New economy

Aldersgate Group Manifesto: Priorities for the next parliament

2nd December 2014

Ahead of the next General Election, this report calls for visionary leadership from the next Parliament to tackle a range of environmental challenges and help build a growing, sustainable and resilient UK economy. The Aldersgate Group Manifesto identifies six target areas for the next parliament to help the UK effectively address today’s big environmental challenges, whilst maximising economic benefits for the UK. 

See the report's press release here.

Financing the Future

Two Years of the Green Investment Bank

28th October 2014

The report highlights the GIB’s impressive achievements but urges the next Government to increase the power and remit of the GIB to ensure it provides the necessary support to the UK’s growing green economy. Contributions are made by senior politicians, leading business figures and other thought leaders.

See the report's press release here.

New economy

Aid to Trade

24th September 2014

Written by the Aldersgate Group and DfiD-supported Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), the report finds that business-to-business partnerships can create the conditions for transformational change, through the creation of climate resilient global supply chains, opening up new markets and creating jobs and income, or developing innovative and scalable solutions to tackling emissions and poverty.

Full Transparency

The case for electricity labelling in the UK

9th July 2014

An industry survey shows that existing demand for, and benefits from, a green purchasing policy is severely hampered by the opacity of the market and confused reporting systems.

An electricity label included on all corporate energy bills could aid transparency, clear communication to stakeholders and drive demand for renewables. This report explores the possible costs and benefits.

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