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Aldersgate Group appoints new Executive Director

Sep 2014

The Aldersgate Group is delighted to confirm the appointment of Nick Molho as its new Executive Director. Nick replaces Andrew Raingold who is standing down after more than seven years leading the organisation.  

Business supports Government commitment on fourth carbon budget

Jul 2014

The Aldersgate Group supports the announcement by DECC Secretary of State that the Government will not amend the Fourth Carbon Budget.

Aldersgate Group welcomes UK national ecosystem assessment

Jun 2014

The Aldersgate Group, which includes some of the UK’s biggest businesses, welcomes the UK national ecosystem assessment follow-on project (UKNEAFO) contribution to the growing appreciation of the importance of ecosystems to the UK economy. 

Businesses call for a positive vision for economy a year before election

May 2014

Leading businesses with a combined turnover of nearly £400bn are today calling on politicians to outline a credible UK growth strategy that demonstrates how the UK economy can develop in the long term. 

‘An Economy That Works’ is a report released by the Aldersgate Group that sets out the key characteristics of a successful economys and outline a framework for policy makers to help British companies and citizens to thrive both now and in the long term.

Leading businesses call for action on floods and climate change

Feb 2014

Today leading businesses with a combined turnover of nearly £200 billion have warned that climate change is projected to make UK flooding more frequent.

They call for prompt political action to address the causes of climate change. 

Education must be fit for a future economy

Nov 2012

This report urges Government to ensure that education and training is better designed for future needs and not merely to remedy current shortages. Ensuring that all people have a broad and rounded knowledge base will be vital to secure future growth and competitiveness.

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