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Below is an archive of selected media coverage of the Aldersgate Group (AG) and its campaigns.

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Green measures add £100 a year to energy bills

Dec 2014

The Guardian

Reacting to the latest report from the Committee on Climate Change, ‘Energy prices and bills - impacts of meeting carbon budgets’, the Aldersgate Group urged political leaders champion the shift towards a low carbon economy. Read the full article.


Blue chips seek to 'redefine capitalism' with green growth campaign

May 2014


Aldersgate Group has released a new report that argues there is "no credible alternative" to a "smart, low carbon and resource efficient" economy. Nick Lakin, Group Head of Government Affairs at KingFisher, states that the report "offers a compelling framework for action to redefine capitalism in a truly sustainable way". To read the full article, click here

The green economic consensus: it's stronger than you think

May 2014


In line with the launch of An Economy That Works, businessGreen editor James Murray stated that Aldersgate Group's latest initiative "is particularly impressive in the breadth of its support and the manner in which it addresses the systemic benefits a more sustainable economy will deliver through improved employment, competitiveness, innovation, investment, well-being and health, not to mention environmental gains". To read the full article, click here

Businesses seek urgent action on climate change after floods

Feb 2014

The Financial Times 

In response to widespread flooding in Somerset and the Thames Valley, the Aldersgate Group organised a letter to the FT featuring leading businesses with a combined turnover of nearly £200 billion, stating that "the type of extreme weather that we are currently experiencing is in line with climate-change predictions, which also warn that such events will become more frequent” and requires across-party response. To read the full article, click here

Decarbonisation target narrowly defeated in House of Lords vote

Oct 2013


After a very narrow vote of 216 to 202 against the Energy Bill amendment, Peter Young, Aldersgate Group Chairman, described the loss as having "missed a major opportunity not just for UK green businesses, which gave us a trade surplus of £5bn last year, but to global businesses and investors poised to create jobs and contribute to growth here in the UK".  To read the full article, click here

Direct Energy into Prudent Solutions

May 2013

The Financial Times 

Responding to an article by Martin Wolf in the Financial Times on "why the world faces climate chaos", Andrew Raingold, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, said that "there is an alternative to watching the rise of greenhouse gases until it is too late". To read the letter also published in the Financial Times, click on the attachment. 

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