Protecting biodiversity vital for future economic success

28th November 2011

A new report by the Aldersgate Group (AG), launched at the the Global Business of Biodiversity Symposium today, finds that protecting biodiversity and introducing new frameworks to incorporate the value of nature into decision making will be vital to safeguard long-term economic growth. It points to research that conservatively estimates that the failure to address biodiversity loss will lead to cumulative losses that will be equivalent to around 7% of global consumption by 2050 and recommends by the end of this Parliament, the Chancellor should present a draft natural capital budget alongside the fiscal budget.

Peter Young, AG Chairman and member of the Government’s Ecosystem Markets Taskforce, said: "The protection of biodiversity must be a priority as we seek to build a stronger, more resilient economy. Preserving and replenishing services provided by nature will provide business opportunities now and huge economic benefits in the future.”

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