Industrial Strategy can boost UK supply chains

12th September 2013

Speaking at the joint Government-CBI Industrial Strategy Conference at Warwick University, Aldersgate Group Chairman, Peter Young, set out how the Industrial Strategy must strengthen and develop UK-based supply chains so that more value is captured domestically. 

On a panel with BIS Minister Michael Fallon, he said: "We must take the opportunity to re-invent the supply chains of both traditional and new sectors to drive growth which is decoupled from the negative externalities of past industrial revolutions. Businesses which are energy efficient and operate with low virgin resource intensity will thrive in a resource-constrained world and have a competitive edge on those that do not."

"Government must maintain a commitment long term to the various industrial strategies underpinned by clear and smooth delivery; as for example in energy policy to give business the clarity and timing to invest in future low carbon markets. The sector approach can allow both government and business to develop solutions in emerging markets with a mix of policy, investment and co-ordinated procurement to create UK supply chains which can boost jobs, productivity and exports."