EU environmental policy positive for UK businesses

18th April 2016

Reacting to the publication today of the Environmental Audit Committee’s report, EU and UK Environmental Policy, the Aldersgate Group said that whilst improvements needed to be made, EU environmental policy was on the whole positive for UK businesses.

Nick Molho, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group said: “EU environmental policy is important for UK businesses in that it has helped introduce similar environmental rules that apply to all businesses active in the Single Market. This has created more of a level playing field for UK businesses and reduced the cost and complexity associated with complying with different regulations in different Member States.

The EU’s common environmental and product standards have also sent clear market signals to businesses, which have helped both create market opportunities for businesses across the Single Market and improve environmental sustainability in certain markets such as the energy efficiency of consumer products and the sourcing of timber.” 

Nick Molho added: “EU environmental policy could be improved in a number of areas such as by improving the common implementation of rules in different Member States, removing inconsistencies in the EU’s waste legislation and ensuring that new policies are developed in a way that better takes into account the EU’s overall environmental objectives. However, the UK and its businesses are likely to be better placed to make these improvements and influence the EU’s future environmental priorities if the UK remains part of the EU.”