AG Directors appointed to Defra advisory groups

5th September 2011

Two Aldersgate Group (AG) Directors have been appointed to advisory groups that will make recommendations on the Government's better regulation agenda. Peter Young, AG Chairman, has been appointed in a personal capacity to the Defra Strategic Regulatory Scrutiny Panel which has been tasked with challenging and advising Defra on the way it thinks about regulation. In addition, Andrew Raingold, Executive Director, will sit on the Sounding Board for the Red Tape Challenge Environment Theme that is also being convened by Defra and will scrutinise regulatory proposals. The AG seeks to ensure that regulatory reform is primarily concerned with the effective achievement of outcomes, while reducing administrative burdens and maximising innovation potential.

Peter Young said: "I welcome Defra’s initiative in bringing outside scrutiny and expertise to work closely with officials to achieve the objective of what the Aldersgate Group has coined 'best value regulation'. I think it reflects our constructive dialogue and capacity to add value to policy reform that Andrew and I have been selected for these appointments and I look forward to extending my personal relationships within Defra further through this important work.’