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Dragons' Den: UN Climate Summit

11th September 2014

In the run up to the UN Climate Summit 2014, the Aldersgate Grouphosted a Dragons’ Den inspired event which sought to raise awareness, share knowledge and mobilise action amongst senior stakeholders from business, politics and civil society.

A host of business leaders answered Ban Ki-moon’s challenge by outlining what bold pledge would most effectively close the emissions gap and help them to deliver a low carbon economy. Using interactive voting technology, the audience voted for their preferred outcomes and help inform the debate.

Special thanks to Hogan Lovells for hosting.

Impacts of floods and climate change on UK business

17th July 2014

As the UK’s climate changes, major flood events are expected to become more regular and the economic impacts more pronounced. The UK needs to adapt to increased flood risk, and other climate change impacts. To do this effectively government and business must work together, as demonstrated in an Aldersgate Group letter published in the FT in February.

Thank you to Wessex Water for supporting this event.

Enable the Label: Introducing the electricity label

9th July 2014

This event marked the launch of a new report on the introduction of electricity labelling in the UK and was hosted at EY's offices. Overseen by a Steering Group that was made up of the Aldersgate Group, BSkyB, BT, EY, HSBC, Reed Elsevier and the Retail Energy Forum, the report sets out how an electricity label can drive transparency and communication benefits for businesses.

Pricing the Priceless: One year review of Ecosystem Markets Task Force report

26th March 2014

The Task Force's final report, launched in March 2013, makes practical recommendations for Government and business for the creation of new markets, identifying opportunities for growth that benefit the environment. The event discussed progress since the report's publication, the Government response and next steps.

Competitiveness and credibility: What is the best outcome for business from the EU 2030 climate negotiations?

18th March 2014

Speakers from government, business and civil society discussed the priorities for the 2030 energy and climate package. What level of ambition will provide the maximum boost to jobs, growth, innovation and exports? What will be the likely impacts on business prospects, investor certainty and energy prices?  Will the outcome lead to competitive advantage or carbon leakage? 

This event was supported by Vestas.

Progressive Conservatism: What's the vision for the next election?

9th January 2014

Aldersgate Group hosted a discussion with Gregory Barker MP, one of the leading architects for the Conservative 2020 Group.  This is a group whose vision incorporated a commitment to decarbonising the economy, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Fourth Carbon Budget Debate

12th December 2013

On 11th December the Committee on Climate Change published its recommendation to Government on the Fourth Carbon Budget (2023-2027). The following day, the Aldersgate Group convened a debate: "This house believes that the current level of the Fourth Carbon Budget is in the UK's economic interests and should not be downgraded."  Two debating teams represented the views of business and investors for and against the motion. Their arguments were discussed by a judging panel.

Local Planning for Global Megatrends

11th July 2013

The world is changing, and every business needs to address these changes to be ahead of the pack and succeed in a very different future. This event discussed the future megatrends that will affect opportunities for sustainable businesses.

Evolving Energy: can people-power drive an energy revolution?

10th June 2013

World leaders might have taken climate change off the G8 agenda, but investing in a clean energy future remains a priority for business and society. A week before the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, this event discussed the huge economic opportunities of updating our models of energy generation, supply and ownership.

Can your business provide climate solutions in emerging markets?

19th March 2013

The Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) and the Aldersgate Group hosted a discussion on climate and development business opportunities, which has informed the establishment of a new CDKN facility to provide funding for business partnerships. 

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