Revving recycling in Europe


David Symons, environmental director at WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff in the UK, outlines three actions that would help deliver the ambition and promise of the circular economy package.

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Posted by David Symons on 12th January 2016
First published in: BlogActiv

EU Circular Economy Package: a good start, but there’s more to do


The high-level objectives in the EU Commission's Circular Economy Package have the potential to boost the resource efficiency and competitiveness of the EU economy. But it is the upcoming detail behind the Commission’s proposals that will determine the ultimate impact that this package will have, says Stuart Bailey, head of sustainability and climate change at National Grid.

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Posted by Stuart Bailey on 17th December 2015
First published in: Economist Insights

Circular Economy Package: A decent start, but plenty more to do


M&S's sustainability manager Rowland Hill considers the merits and shortcomings of the new EU circular economy package.

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Posted by Rowland Hill on 7th December 2015
First published in: businessGreen

It’s time for the EU’s economy to go circular


There is a compelling business case for the EU to rapidly improve the resource efficiency of its economy. Many businesses are already leading the way but a strong Circular Economy Package from the EU could help them go much further, argues Nick Molho, executive director of the Aldersgate Group.

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Posted by Nick Molho on 27th November 2015
First published in: The Economist
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