What is a "just transition" and why is it critical to getting to a low-carbon future?

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Dr Ajay Gambhir, Senior Research Fellow at Imperial College London’s Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment considers the term “just transition” and why it is key to securing a sustainable, resilient, low-carbon future.

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Posted by Dr Ajay Gambhir on 11th December 2018

Why we shouldn’t settle for doubled resource productivity


Lucy Curtis, Sustainability Consultant at WSP, argues the business case for driving increased resource efficiency beyond current government targets. 

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Posted by Lucy Curtis on 30th October 2018

Business should think beyond being clean to being green

Author photo Bruce Howard

Reflecting on Green GB Week, Bruce Howard, Director at the UK’s Ecosystems Knowledge Network, argues that there is much more to being green than avoiding harm to the environment. 

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Posted by Bruce Howard on 23rd October 2018

The changing investment climate


To kick off Green GB Week, Steve Waygood, Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Aviva Investors, calls for greater climate action to deliver the aims of the Paris Agreement.

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Posted by Steve Waygood on 15th October 2018

Recognition of achievements to date can inspire next steps in decarbonisation

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Ahead of Green GB Week, Matthew Wright, Managing Director at Ørsted UK, reviews the UK power sector's journey to decarbonisation, highlighting the importance of consistent government policy in allowing the renewables sector to grow.

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Posted by Matthew Wright on 11th October 2018

The IPCC report: an insurmountable challenge or a global opportunity?


Achieving net zero emissions by 2050, as set out by the IPCC report, will require very challenging emission cuts across all economic sectors but recent progress provides a strong basis from which more ambitious action can be taken argues Nick Molho, Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group.

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Posted by Nick Molho on 10th October 2018
First published in: The Economist

The IPCC Report: Why the UK needs a strong Environment Bill


The IPCC report on limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees has strengthened the business case for a strong Environment Bill, argues Nick Molho, Executive Director at the Aldersgate Group.

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Posted by Nick Molho on 10th October 2018
First published in: BusinessGreen

Building a market for environmental impact investment

Jamie Mansfield

Ahead of Green GB Week, James Mansfield, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Environmental Finance, argues that to drive greater investment in environmental financing, government must put the commitments in the 25 Year Environment Plan on a statutory footing.

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Posted by James Mansfield on 5th October 2018

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