Our Aims

The Aldersgate Group (AG) is an alliance of leaders from business,
politics and society that drives action for a sustainable economy.

Our mission

To trigger the change in policy required to address environmental challenges effectively and secure the maximum economic benefit in sustainable growth, jobs and competitiveness.

Our beliefs

The AG believes that economic success, both now and in the future, depends increasingly on a political and economic framework that delivers:

  1. 1A healthy environment and the sustainable use of natural resources;
  2. 2Good environmental performance at
    the organisational level; and
  3. 3Growth, jobs and competitive advantage in rapidly growing environmental sectors.

To achieve this, policy must ensure that:

  1. 1Price signals more accurately reflect environmental costs and benefits; and
  2. 2Regulation provides long-term value for society and the economy.

What we do

The AG develops independent and authoritative policy objectives through the breadth, expertise and diversity of its membership. We draw on the knowledge base and connections of our network to gain an early insight into the policy formation process and engage with key decision makers in a proactive, constructive and impartial way.

The AG is also a powerful cross-sectoral platform that:

  • Hosts private and public events to engage a broad range of senior stakeholders and road test emerging ideas;
  • Provides a forum for progressive views and key influencers; and
  • Articulates outcomes in a clear, concise and compelling way.

Our approach

The AG’s approach is to:

  1. 1Develop the network. A powerful coalition of leaders from business, politics and society.
  2. 2Build support. Policy objectives that address effectively environmental challenges and maximise the economic opportunities.
  3. 3Drive change. Action to accelerate the transition to a low carbon, resource efficient and competitive economy.

Our reporting

Download our Financial Accounts (2013-2014), Environmental report (tracking our carbon emissions) and Directors' register of interests below.

Aldersgate annual accounts 2013-14


Download our Brochure in PDF Format.

AG Brochure.pdf