About us

The Aldersgate Group is an alliance of leaders from business, politics and civil society that drives action for a sustainable economy. Our members include some of the largest businesses in the UK with a collective global turnover of over £300bn and politicians of all parties.

We work for better policy that can adequately tackle climate change and other key environmental challenges whilst safeguarding the sustainable growth and competitiveness of the UK economy.

Our policy proposals are formed collaboratively and benefit from the expertise of our members who span a wide range of industry sectors and public interests. Our breadth and collegiate approach allow us to formulate progressive policy positions to benefit all organisations and individuals in the UK.

The membership is supported by a small Secretariat.

What we do

We develop independent policy objectives based on the expertise and diversity of all members. We span every sector of the economy, allowing us to advocate change that benefits everybody. We engage with key decision makers in a proactive and impartial way, hold private roundtables with thought leaders to agree new approaches, and host public events to road test ideas.


Download our Brochure in PDF Format.

AG Brochure.pdf

What we believe

We believe that sustainable economic success requires:

  • a healthy environment and sustainable use of resources
  • good environmental performance at organisational level
  • price signals that accurately reflect environmental costs and benefits
  • a stable, ambitious regulatory framework to underpin action towards an efficient and low carbon economy


We are funded by membership subscription, event sponsorship and project funding. Download our Financial Accounts (2013-2014), Environmental report (tracking our carbon emissions) and Directors' register of interests below.

Aldersgate annual accounts 2013-14