Head - Miliband Ed Mp

The Aldersgate Group is an incredibly important organisation and it is a fantastic campaigning organisation for Government to go further and faster on a range of issues.

Ed Miliband MP
Leader of the Labour Party 

Head - Lucas Caroline MP

I am delighted to be a member of the Aldersgate Group and look forward to promoting policies that maximise economic, social and environmental benefit equally, as well as being a critical friend to its diverse membership.

Caroline Lucas MP
Green Party

Head - Evans Richard

We need a policy framework that supports environmental sustainability and investment in low carbon technology. The Aldersgate Group has both the people and the ideas to help deliver that.

Richard Evans, President
PepsiCo UK & Ireland

Head - Kennedy David

We value the work of the Aldersgate Group very highly – it forms an important part of our evidence base, and has helped to shape our thinking and recommendations

David Kennedy, Director General for Economic Development, DFID

Head - Ainsworth-Peter

The Aldersgate Group has a distinguished record in promoting coordination between industry, environmental groups and government to deliver sustainable solutions for our economy.

Peter Ainsworth
Former Shadow Defra Minister

Head - Castle Pamela OBE

The Aldersgate Group is wonderfully effective in promoting the interdependence of economic sustainability and a healthy environment and builds on a broad spectrum of professional expertise to make a robust case for action.

Pamela Castle OBE, former Chair of the Environmental Law Foundation

Head - OGrady Frances

The Aldersgate Group puts a powerful, evidence-based case for good regulation to drive green growth; and with a uniquely broad coalition behind it, there is real hope that a just transition, with decent jobs at its heart, is possible.

Frances O’Grady
General Secretary, TUC

Head - Porritt Jonathon

The absolute fiasco about the reporting guidelines is one that we simply should not have had and for me the work done by the Aldersgate Group eventually brought reason to bear inside DECC.

Jonathon Porritt, CBE 

Head - Clark Greg MP

I think the work that the Aldersgate Group has done has been genuinely progressive and path breaking.

Greg Clark MP, Minister of State for Universities, Science and Cities


I value the work of the Aldersgate Group very highly. From its inception it has helped to inform decision making on environmental policies and its practical knowledge will continue to aid the CCC in our thinking and recommendations.

Lord Deben, Chairman, Committee on Climate Change

Lord de Mauley 145 x 145.jpg

I really value the Aldersgate Group's efforts to bring business and government together.

 Lord de Mauley, Defra Under Secretary

Greg Barker cropped.jpg

The Aldersgate Group and its members really helped inform, nourish, sustain and drive forward the progressive thinking in Opposition that ultimately has informed our Manifesto. It has played an important part in getting us to where we are now, underpinning our ambition to be the greenest government ever, and critically, helping inform the quite extensive set of policy tools that will make or break that very bold ambition. 

Greg Barker MP, Former Minister of State for Climate Change

Head - Walley Joan MP

At precisely the time when policymakers, business, innovators and custodians of our planet need to codesign a greenprint to sustain our planet, the Aldersgate Group is there to point us all in the right direction. We should recognise and use the vision and expertise of its members.

Joan Walley MP, Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee

Head - Karmali Abyd

The Aldersgate Group is remarkably effective at reaching across political party lines and providing a persuasive voice for those interested in practical measures to help the UK move at speed and scale towards a low carbon economy.

Abyd Karmali, Managing Director
Global Head of Carbon Markets
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Head - Kimber Jon

Aldersgate Group publications and events are important reference points for anyone keen to understand different perspectives in a debate, and interested in getting answers not just problems.

Jon Kimber, Managing Director, Agility Eco Services Ltd

Head - HowardBoyd Emma

The Aldersgate Group has done some essential work highlighting the role of finance in the transition to a low carbon economy and has been central in drawing this to the attention of key policymakers.

Emma Howard Boyd, Director
Jupiter Asset Management

Head - Atkins Andy

The Aldersgate Group is a strong, progressive business voice doing excellent work to promote the economic importance of strong environmental standards.

Andy Atkins, Executive Director
Friends of the Earth

Head - Patterson Gavin

BT is delighted to be a founder member of the Aldersgate Group, which always produces well reasoned positions which are strengthened by a membership drawn from business, parliament and NGOs.

Gavin Patterson, Chief Executive Officer, BT Group plc

Head - Nicholls Dinah CB

From small beginnings the Aldersgate Group has rapidly grown into an influential alliance of leaders from business, politics and society and a powerful advocate of the importance of green growth for economic success.

Dinah Nicholls CB, former Permanent Secretary for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


Aldersgate Group play an important and rare role in UK public life by forging consensus on important issues and driving action that results in lasting change. The UK Green investment is one example of this and we are grateful for their ongoing support and challenge.

Shaun Kingsbury, Chief Executive, UK Green Investment Bank